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Monday, 5 December 2011

Aerospace and airline resume

Aerospace and airline may seem two different, yet similar job sectors. The difference lies in the engineering and service aspect of both sectors. The same should be kept in mind while designing aerospace and airline resume.
Studying aerospace engineering or airline service, both are high investment decisions, and need patience for earning profitable returns. Though the returns are rewarding and come in lump sum amount, you need an impressive aerospace resume and airline resume to grab the lucrative jobs. You must design your resume with relevance to the specific type of job you are looking for, either in aerospace or airline sector.
Aerospace jobs
Jobs in aerospace sector would include openings such as:
Ø  Aerospace engineer
Ø  Aerospace Mechanical engineer
Ø  Simulation technician
Ø  Aircraft design engineer etc
Airline jobs
Airline jobs are mostly related to service aspect of airline operations such as:
Ø  Flight attendant/ air hostess (cabin crew)
Ø  Airline ground officer
Ø  Customer care representative
Ø  Dispatch clerk etc

The lists of jobs given above are only illustrative, and for detailed information, you must search for specific types of job in each sector individually. Thus, if you are looking for an aerospace and airline resume, it would mean your qualifications deal with the technical aspects of airplane design towards providing effective customer satisfaction and service.

Therefore, when drafting an aerospace and airline resume, you must emphasize on the technical skills, and how they can help you in providing better customer experiences for customers traveling in the airline. This would require referring to both airline resumes and aerospace resumes individually, and then combining them together to best fit your profile. The best way to do so is to keep collecting relevant information, and then merging them into one single aerospace and airline resume. Information which should be retrieved from these sample resumes can be on following subjects:

  1. Content: Skill-sets to be shared in the resume which are required for the specified job profile, and would be helpful in delivering the job responsibilities satisfactorily.
  2. Format: Layout for your resume should be such that it helps you to share your skills with maximum efficiency; but at the same time is at par with the professional standards and the industrial trends.
  3. Comprehension: Language used should be simple and comprehensible. The proficiency levels should be suited to the job profile.
  4. Presentation: The resume should be presentable. All information should be clear, and easily accessible for quick review. Note that, if you use an intricate layout, employers may be discouraged to view your aerospace and airline resume, as it may cause wastage of time.
  5. Bridge the gap: All information gathered from the example resumes of aerospace and airline resume, should be helpful in bridging the gap between yours and the desired candidates profile.
The information given above can help you to gain the required information quickly, and save crucial time for other related activities. If adhered properly, you can draft a job winning aerospace and airline resume.

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