Monday, 28 November 2011

Retail Resume writing tips

One of the most lucrative jobs are seen in the retail industry. Retail is a growing sector in many countries and thus has many job opportunities. This interests many aspiring candidates and they look for some retail resume examples available online to write a strong resume for themselves. Before choosing a template, type or format for your resume, you must understand the purpose of the resume and why each one of us needs to have a unique resume.

A resume is not a mere listing of work experiences, responsibilities and achievements. It represents you. You as a person is not just a bunch of bullet points. You have achieved a lot in life, possess some characteristic traits and some personal and professional skills that make you a distinct individual and a potential candidate. Thus, your resume should reflect the same.

Other than this, you must also understand that as a candidate for a particular job in the retail sector what will be expected of you. When you understand what skills and qualifications the employer wishes to see in your resume, you know what actually should be included in your resume.

Lastly, you must understand the difference between the different types of resume and why one should choose a functional, chronological, or a hybrid resume. The deciding factor for this is the work experience of the individual.

Tips for writing an effective retail resume:

After understanding the basics, let us now discuss some tips that would make your resume more presentable.

  1. Relevant: Your resume should be utmost relevant to the job you apply. You might not possess the exact degree mentioned in the job advertisement, but if you apply for the job, you must know what make you suitable for the same. You might possess some work experience; some skills that make you think that you suit the requirements. Highlight these to make your resume relevant.
  2. Professional: You are writing a professional resume, make sure you use the right language, correct grammar, do not make your resume clumsy and do not make it fancy either. Keep it simple and precise.
  3. Keywords: The specific skills expected from the employer make the keywords of your resume. Include it in your resume to help it clear the search filter on job search engines.

Use these tips and read a few sample resumes before writing your resume. 

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